How Does Using Click4Good Help Good Causes?

How Does Using Click4Good Help Good Causes?

Click4Good gives to a variety of highly rated charities or to one special of individual’s choice whenever a user shops online using our web and mobile portals. When a person uses or Click4Good App to satisfy their shopping needs, they automatically generate a donation to all or one of our charities (depending on the user’s choice).

DIRECTIONS - After shopping with one of our affiliates or in our store and checking out, users have two options to direct a donation from Click4Good® to one or more highly rated charities.

  1. Option #1: Donate To All Charities: Donating to all charities simply requires a user has to completely checkout and that's it. By default Click4Good® automatically donates to all charities equally in the event there's no corresponding affiliate purchase to a charity selection by a user. Meaning no matter what a user may decide, all purchases made on Click4Good® helps charities - period.

  2. Option #2: Donate To One Charity: Donating to just one charity requires a user to simply tell us which one is most near and dear! After checking out with one of our affiliates or from our store, return to or click4good app & simply select that special charity for us to give to on your behalf.

Important Notes: User donations & signup never required. Donate From Our Pockets, Not Yours!